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Series 55 Green Single Frame Intake Filter (20x50) (12/box)
Series 55 Green Single Frame Intake Filter (20x50) (12/box)

SBFS Price: $204.00

Product Code: SBF-055-2050S-12

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055 GREEN SINGLE FRAME INTAKE PANELS: Our Series 55 standard tacky intake panel is the industry standard for crossdraft booth intake filtration.  The Series 55 panel provides an excellent capture rate of 75 percent on 10 micron particles, and is heat sealed to a 9-gauge internal wire frame for easy installation.  It consists of two layers of 100 percent polyester material treated with tackifier on the air leaving side, with a total thickness of 1.5". ***These filters are not bifold/linked panels; they are single framed filters with a size of 20 inches by 50 inches. Search part number SBF-055-2050 to view filter options in this size.